Navy Pier, Chicago?

  1. My friend texted me on Saturday just to tell me she spotted someone at Navy Pier sporting a cute toki bag. Was this anyone on TPF? ;)
  2. Not me.

    I've only ever seen 2 other people wearing Toki's in Chicago... and 1 of those was while shopping for Toki's in a store that sells them in Wrigleyville.
  3. Not me. The only seen people carrying a tokidoki in Chicago twice.

    I saw two girls at the Charter One Pavillion about 2 weeks ago, one was carrying an adios star ciao and the other had a citta (maybe it was citta rosa) ciao ciao.

    And then I saw a girl on the street about a month ago carrying a citta ciao.
  4. I saw I girl yesterday @ the Apple store in fashion valley with a really cute stellina inferno
  5. Lisa, maybe that was me with the ciao! I saw 2 girls at gurnee carrying a foresta bv and an inferno bv. They then saw me carrying my paradiso zucca--we all kinda just smiled at one another. Oh, I saw some girl with an inferno zucca at the auto show!
  6. Urgh, I never see people in Chicago carrying tokidoki bags! I know this girl in my class that has an Inferno Bella, but that's it...

    It's hard enough finding them in the stores here... At least, not ones I actually like! :sad:
  7. Uggh, I know. I don't understand why a city as big as Chicago (including the suburban area) wouldn't have more places to find Toki's!!!!:tdown:
  8. I saw a girl on Monday with a citta campeggio outside the Urban Outfitters on Walton(?)! I was so excited to see it.
  9. I just got back from Woodfield Mall and saw a girl carrying an adios star stellina! I had my hands full with both kids, so couldnt wave her down! One of the SA in skechers also said that her boss carries toki bags too!
  10. I have an Adios Star Stellina... but alas I am sitting at my desk at work and it is in my closet right now.

  11. Did I tell you I liked it, then show you my inferno mamma mia? If not, then nope it wasn't you. :smile:
  12. OMG, chellie 24!!! i was at woodfield mall tuesday using my adios star stellina! i was with my daughter and she was carrying her black camo bella. i was wearing a red tshirt and jeans, and i have short black hair.

    if that was us you saw, i don't think you would have been able to catch us if you tried!! we were in such a hurry, we were practically running through that mall! we still needed to go to ikea and a couple other places before we had to head back to wisconsin.

    it would have been nice to meet you though! maybe someone will spot us downtown chicago on friday. we plan on taking the train there for the day.

    by the way, chellie24, what toki were you wearing?
  13. YA! That was you!!!! You were passing Banana Republic and I was on the lower level by At&T!!! I was wearing my inferno ciao ciao!!! Yep, you guys were going pretty fast! :nuts:
  14. It drives me INSANE! Chicago is such a big city and with the whole Magnificent Mile and all that, WHY AREN'T THERE MORE TOKIDOKIS?! Grrrrrr! :cursing:
  15. Just to make sure you know of all the ones I know of.
    Bloomingdales at 900 N Michigan
    Macy's State Street
    A.Okay Official on Clark about a block north of Belmont
    Loehmann's in Oak Brook

    Are there any other Chicago/suburban places I'm missing??