Navy Patent vs. White Caviar....... Jumbo size---vote now please!


Patent vs. Caviar

  1. White Caviar

  2. Navy Patent

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  1. Which one would you pick? I love both- both appeal to me visually- in the worst possible way- :heart:

    Disregard the fact that I have an MB 227. Which one would you pick- please vote and help an addict out! haha!! :flowers::lol:
  2. Navy patent will be my choice! BTW, do you have any means to get either one now? I also want one!
  3. Dear Ms. A:

    NAVY PATENT all the way!!!

    I have both BLK and NVY and they are VERY different to me when I uses NVY for more casual usage and Blk on formal occasions.

    White, I can't keep it from turing yellow or hide dirt...
  4. I am a HUGE fan of the navy patent Jumbo. White bags are beautiful to look at, but they frighten me, even caviar!
  5. I have to vote white as I just bought it!! But Morganng is scaring me, I don't want it to turn yelloW!
  6. Dear Ms. PPSM:

    You can call Ms. Karen at NM and she has offered some bags to me today before the price hike (but I am in ORANGE mode still, so I've turn her down)...

    She's at NM, short hill tel: 973-912-0080. She usually give me 1-2 days to sleep on some bags, so she may not have take them off my hold?!

    NOT 100% sure, but you may call her and try?!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. Really? White bags are not frightening to me. I love them. IDK. Now I'm confused b/c I thought Caviar leather was supreme in white.

    Thank you for voting and responding so quickly ladies! :flowers: tPF ROCKS!
  8. Dear Ms. Shean:

    SORRY, if I've scared you....

    I'm NOT a very careful person so I try to get bags with color too (for any brand), so I only have maybe 1 white bag in my whole bag collection and WHT is NOT something I may keep-up....
  9. Dear Ladies:

    Monthes AGO when I was "CHANEL" crazy mode, I've read some CHANEL EXPERTS at the forum who posts about WHT bags and that's some of the reasons that influence me to NOT get it....

    Even fine leather as Hermes can't promise wht won't turn yellow :wtf: so I've turn down wht birkin and wht kelly too!!!

    Sorry to bring-up 'orange'....
  10. Navy Patent Jumbo... I have and LOVE this bag!! :love: :love: I think the white caviar Jumbo looks fabulous on pfers here who own it, and I considered getting it, but decided that the most white I can do is the off white/dark white Jumbo flap I own, and the "hybrid" soft caviar off white medium flap... I'm with roey on the white scaring me a bit, although it is gorgeous! :smile: I also think the navy patent is more versatile, but it really boils down to which one you think you'd get the most use out of. :smile: Happy pre-price increase shopping!! ;) :heart:
  11. Love navy patent!!

    get it ..get it!!!! :nuts:
  12. I just bought the Navy Patent Jumbo, and I am just enamored with it! It is absolutely stunning, and it commands a lot of attention!

  13. I would choose white caviar. I prefer the white because it's fresh and easily matched to clothes. I know how you feel, i use to be scared of white but i don't regret buying it now. It's not as hard as you think it is, unless you want to use it everyday.
  14. Navy, Navy, Navy!!!

    It's soooooooooooo beautiful!!!
  15. I've never seen the navy patent. I can imagine it's gorgeous though.

    I'm a bit biased since I just picked up my white jumbo today. I looove the way white pops.