Navy patent vs pre-fall chocolate patent

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  1. Hi gals, need yr advise on this. I have always wanted a navy patent (07, calfskin?) but its quite difficult to come by... Shall I continue to wait or go for the yummy chocolate 08 pre-fall goatskin?

    I love the texture of goatskin but I prefer shiny CCs as in the Navy Jumbo. Any advise esp from gals who have these bags? TIA;)
  2. I would wait for the navy Jumbo! That bag is probably one of the best Chanel has done! However, if you need instant gratification then go for the chocolate since it's easy to find.
  3. are u talking about larkie's Choco pre fall patent? Oh I love this, get this one :smile:
  4. i wouls say navy patent in this case, i love how navy looks.
  5. Hello IceEarl, yes that's the one Larkie has... yummy isn it? Does HK have it?
    Roey and drunky_krol, navy is really lovely and besides the rarity of the bag that's a hindrance, I am also wondering what shoes to wear... Tempted to get chocolate but I am afraid that once I get it, navy pops
  6. I would wait for navy!
  7. Yep :tup:
  8. ^^^ thanks so much. I was just browsing ebay a while ago and missed
  9. I really love the navy patent of Chanel! Id wait for that if i were in your place. :yes:
  10. Consider your wardrobe. Which one fits in best -- will get used more? My second thought is don't rely solely on pictures. See both IRL, if at all possible. (Tough choice and that's why the wardrobe question would be key in deciding which to choose.)
  11. ^^thanks for the tip jmen! I feel the brown goes really well with the grays, light pinks (blush tones) and the warm palettes in my wardrobe. The thing holding me back is the "quality issues" with the fall bags as highlighted by you and some other gals in the other thread. (by the way, I think you have a really good eye in details)

    The navy comes in the shiny CCs which I personally prefer and I also like how it is more structured compared to the 08 fall bags. Colour wise, harder to find the right shoes. An it is so rare to come by...
  12. Love the Navy! It is such a beauty. I would wait for it, or try to find one!
  13. I think you have answered your question. As for shoes with navy, red would look fab but it depends a lot of what the rest of the outfit. I'll add back in the day, navy was one of the three basic must have's for spring: red, white or ivory, and navy. Navy, of course, can go any season.

    If your leaning is towards the brown, then by all means see it first or arrange to get free shipping and return in case you are not thrilled with the newer offering. That said I sure hope there is a return construction/design of the once-ever-so-elegant flaps.