Navy Patent Timeless Clutch & Diamond Shine Tote

  1. Hi ladies~!
    Congrats to Rockerchic for her AMAZING purchase - good things happens DO happen to good people!:yes:

    I was wondering if any of you knew what the lining of the NAVY PATENT TIMELESS CLUTCH it leather or fabric? And is the Chanel logo stamped into the leather or sewn into the fabric? Pictures would be soooooo helpful!

    Mods - if this belongs elsewhere, I apologize in advance!

    Thanks all - all help is EXTREMELY appreciated~!

    As a form of bribery, I am including a photo of my most recent purchase - the DIAMOND SHINE TOTE~!!! enjoy~:yahoo:
  2. Your diamond shine tote is gorgeous!! Did you have to get on to the waiting list for this?
  3. Wow it's amazing :smile: congrats!!
    May you wear it in good health.
  4. Holy moly, that tote makes me drool! It is just stunning!

    I don't know anything about the clutch, though....sorry!
  5. Wow! I love that diamond shine tote!! Does that same style some in regular (not diamond shine) leather?
  6. Love the tote! Have been drooling over it since I first saw it in the stores. Is it comfortable to carry?
  7. That is gorgeous. I saw some diamond shine bags a few months back but they didn't have that tote. Enjoy and Congrats!
  8. Your diamond shine tote is stunning.
  9. the DS tote is so amazing IRL. I have the flap it's super c hic
  10. What a gorgeous tote!
  11. It's leather and the hologram is stuck directly to the leather on the bottom.

    Congratulations on your beautiful Diamond Shine tote.
    Navy Clutch 018.jpg
  12. Gorgeous tote!! I have the diamond shine flap in bordeaux and absolutely love it! Don't know anything about the clutch, though--sorry!
  13. it is stunning.
  14. love the tote

  15. Thanks Mon for the info~! (and for the compliments - she's a beauty ain't she?:love: )