Navy Patent Reissue... Where to find?

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  1. Hi guys.. Can you help me find this bag? Which one to call? I wanted the same size and same hardware in this ad.. Thanks!

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  2. Call Damian at Saks 610-667-1550 ext 258. I got mine from him.
  3. After I purchased mine from Chanel / Beverly Hills, I learned it was their last one - so I know they don't have any.

    Good luck - it is a beautiful bag!!:smile:
  4. My SA from SAKS NYC got a navy patent gold hardware 227 size available.
  5. still looking. i have contacted joseph but i think b/c of the time difference he's never there. chanel customer service have been absolute crap with helpin me (im from sydney) and just keep passing me off.

    does anyone have a great SA with an email addy i can contact?
  6. you can call Joseph at 917-776-9353. I live in a different time zone and he always calls me back or I know that his email is Contact him..I think he has this bag!!!
  7. Thanks a lot for your infos! :biggrin:
  8. I tried e-mailing him last Friday, but I got no response upto now..
  9. try calling Neiman Chicago
  10. Sorry, I'm having trouble with calling because of the time difference (I live in Hong Kong). So I'd prefer e-mailing an SA.. If that will work.