Navy Patent Reissue w/ gold or Red lamb vertical quilt w/ ss hardware


May 21, 2007
My first post, so be gentle.
I am about to purchase my first Chanel. I don't want black because I'm just not a black handbag gal. I like my bags to add some <pop> to my typically conservative outfits -- I'm a corporate lawyer.

At my local Saks are both a navy patent reissue with gold hardware and a red lamb with vertical quilting and silver hardware. The red is an E/W I believe, but is not small. It is the same size as the large (not giant) flap. The navy is larger, maybe even the size of the giant flap.

Both are striking. Both are beautiful. Comments please about a reissue v. a "modern" bag and patent v. lamb.

Thanks in advance for your input. Lerinda


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Hi! Welcome to tPF Lerinda! :smile: Just to clarify, are you referring to the red lambskin E/W with the new chain (no leather interwoven through the chain straps)? I think it depends on what you carry... if it is just the basics, then the E/W size would probably be fine.

With respect to patent v. lamb, and reissue v. a modern bag, well, I think that in the long term, the patent might hold up better, depending on how "rough" you are on your bags. Lambskin is quite delicate, and I actually prefer caviar leather for an everyday bag myself (even though I baby my bags). The reissue IMO is a classic and the red e/w is a classic with a twist, because of the bijoux chains. The patent with the gold might be a little blingy for a corporate job, but of course, you know better than I do about what would work for you! :smile:

Are you looking to carry this bag every single day? If you are looking to add a little pop of color, the red would certainly do that... maybe you can locate a red caviar E/W? I rambled a lot, and might not have helped, but if it were me, I would choose the red to add the pop of color to my conservative outfits, but only if it were caviar; otherwise, out of your choices, I would pick the navy patent reissue! :smile:


Jan 3, 2007
Los Angeles California
I have the navy patent reissue .. LOVE it! it is one of the bags I'll never sell. Having said that, it's not a bag I carry daily or to work .. it's my go to bag for evening. I just love the gold h/w with the shiny navy.

I have several red chanel bags and love wearing them with my conservative suits because, like you, my purses (and shoes) had POP to my daily dark suit/white blouse look. If you go with red (MY VOTE) bring a dustbag or pillowcase to store your purse in while you're working. Lambskin needs a bit of babying. Red in caviar is an excellent choice as fieryfashionist vbmenu_register("postmenu_2824613", true); mentioned.

Good luck and pls post pics when you get it!


May 1, 2007
L.A, California
I :heart: my Navy Patent Reissue bag! Size: 226.
So, I have to say the Navy Patent - but for everyday use...hmmmm...I would never do that to my Navy Patent deserves special trips out....

My GSTs are the work horses.:smile: