navy patent reissue VS grey lambskin reissue!

  1. Omg ladies, another tough decison, the place where i live has these two items, navy patent reissue in size 225 w/ GH (i think its too small but ITS NAVY PATENT ughh so nice) and another one is GREY reissue BUT in size 228 hiks... (i think its too big)...but i dont wanna pass this opportuinity...please do tell me which one that you guys will take? harder to find? and which one do u think is more sellable just in case i bought it and change my mind? thx a lot

    *my life is full of temptations*
  2. hi again greyish !Since these two are edge sizes I think it will depend on the use you're thinking of making out of them:if you need/want something for eve use get the 225 navy G/H- if something for any time /outfit then get the 228 grey!I think the grey is more sellable and may I ask if it is the 2005 anniversary edition or are they releasing it again ?TIA!:smile:
  3. I agree with Chanel. If that grey reissue is an anniversary edition, I personally would go for that. I have both of these bags, and if I had to choose one over the other, it would be the grey (if it's an anniversary edition).

    Tough choice.
  4. hands down grey.. though if its in 227 sz it would be better
  5. 225 is a bit small. 228 is a bit big, but I'd vote for the grey in this case (although I do love patent).
  6. I love the grey! Though 228 is a larger size, you could still pull it off.. plus I think the resale with the grey would be better!:p
  7. Grey reissue- hands down!!!:tup::tup:
  8. definitly the gray!
  9. I had the grey in 227 size, but lost it in my house fire. I miss it SO much. Get that one! It is the best bag I've ever had, EVER. It's so chic!
  10. I have both and as much as I LOVE LOVE my grey reissue 227, the navy patent is such EYE CANDY. The only issue I have is the size 225 is kind of smallish. 226 would have been better.
  11. Hmm, tough decision! :sweatdrop: I have and love the grey 227 reissue, and it's such a fabulous, iconic bag! :love: If you can rock the 228 size, then go for it... you may get more use out of it than the navy patent 225 reissue (which is also gorgeous)! :smile: The 225 size is pretty small (I have a light silver 225 reissue), but it can definitely fit your essentials, assuming you don't carry around the kitchen sink hehe. :p I'd base your decision on when/in what capacity you hope to use the reissue... day/evening/dressy/casual? :smile: Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  12. I have them both and they are both fabulous. The grey is a bit more special because it is the anniversary bag.
  13. ok sorry for being a dissapoinment but i lost the grey reissue *sob* omg i was just delaying for 1 day and its GONE! thx u ladies for your kind help.
  14. Nevermind, you'll always have another chance.
  15. Ur right allbrandspls...i am waiting for another chance too...