Navy Patent Reissue or the Incoming Gold Reissue?

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Which one is better?

  1. Navy Patent Reissue in 227 with Gold Hardware

  2. Gold Reissue (Going to be out this Pre-Fall Act.1)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Your votes would be very much appreciated. I was wondering which one is better? The Navy Patent Reissue with Gold Hardware from December 2006 or this Gold Reissue that’s going to be out this coming Pre-Fall Act.1.. What do you guys think?
    goldreissue.JPG NavyDistressedPatentReissue.jpg
  2. I voted navy patent reissue.
  3. Navy patent reissue gets my vote!
  4. Navy Patent
  5. Navy patent! The gold reissue is too yellow for my taste. :smile:
  6. Navy patent.

    I may be in the minority but I think that bright gold looks rather tacky.
  7. You're not... I agree! :smile: I love gold and metallics, but after seeing this IRL, even a metallic/gold lover like myself felt it was too brassy, yellow, and in your face...IMHO of course, and no offense to those who own/like this particular metallic gold reissue. :smile:

  8. Navy Patent is my pick, but I have not seen the gold IRL.
  9. Definitely navy patent...that gold looks a bit foily.
  10. I voted for the navy. I think the gold is too blingy IMO.
  11. I have voted for navy patent! It is a great bag and much more versatile than the gold one! Hope tis helps....
  12. Navy patent. The gold is a little too bright for me.
  13. But guys.. I still have one more question.. Is it hard to look for the navy patent in gold hardware and large size in USA right now?
  14. This kind of gold isn't pretty much my taste. NAVY
  15. rica, i love the navy patent!!