Navy Patent Reissue/gold hw -or- Classic Flap/silver hw


Navy Patent looks better on reissue or classic flap?

  1. Patent Reissue w/ gold hw

  2. Classic Flap w/ silver hw

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  1. [​IMG]
    *photos from DJO and personalshoppers
  2. classic flap. very pretty! i'm not in love with the blue/gold hw
  3. ^^LOL ! I LOVE the patent with the gold !:love: :love: :love: (It's one of the few gold HW bags I DO like !)
  4. Both bags are gorgeous but I prefer the silver hardware on the classic flap.
  5. I like the reissue!! it just has so much more edge, I love em both though!
  6. Both are gorgeous but I love the blue reissue! I tend to like silver hardware but this is one of the bags I like with gold!
  7. Oh my, that's a tough one. I would say the reissue - it has more vintage flare and is a little edgier.

  8. Ditto...I :heart: the color of the navy patent reissue
  9. I have the classic navy with silver hardware. I really love it.

    When I picked mine up, they had the blue reissue with gold hardware. It was about $500 or $600 more, I think. I really fell it in love with it as well. If I would have been more prepared for the price difference, I may have gotten that one instead. I love that distressed leather look and it was a stunner.

    I didn't vote in the poll even though I have the classic, because they're both so gorgeous. You would really have to see them together and make a decision.

    The funny thing is, they had a black one with the gold hardware, and I didn't like it as much as the navy.
  10. the classic navy looks better to me..
    i dont really like the reissue
  11. Classic Flap w/ silver hw :yes:
  12. I LOVE the patent Reissue w/ gold hw!! If only i could afford one at this time........!!!
  13. I love the patent reissue with gold hardware. It's a total stunner!:love:
  14. I have been drooling over both these bags for about two weeks now. I love, love, love silver generally but on this one I would have to say gold.

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