Navy Patent Leather Classic Flap

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has style A01112 in navy patent leather for $1795. This was from the Cruise 07 collection.
  2. Is that a jumbo? Hardware color??
  3. PICS?(please!)
  4. Was this sold today?? Because I totally want it!! :nuts:
  5. Is this the Navy Patent Jumbo classic w/ silver hardware? Soo gorgeous... I hope you get it Jenn! :smile:
  6. I love the patent navy with silver hardware. It's gorgeous IRL.
  7. I dont think its the jumbo though, that retails $1895.00 ( classic navy patent jumbo)..its probably the medium size. I did a few searches on the forum and saw other members information for the navy patent jumbo and they said it was $1895.00..bummer
  8. If I didn't already have the navy patent e/w... I would be all over the medium classic flap (if that is what it is!) in a heartbeat, since that is my favorite style, ahh!!!
    -CHANELboy - By chance, does your Nordstrom have any other patent classic flaps? Thanks! :smile:
  9. A0112 is the medium-large 10 inches wide - not jumbo
  10. btw do you have a number or a city i can look up? i am from overseas.
  11. A01112 is the Medium flap...sorry I should have said that. It is on hold til mid day it may still be available for purchase.
  12. Thanks for the head's up Lucas!! Because the original person who put it on hold never showed up, the bag is now on its way to me :party:

  13. arent you on a ban missy :p

  14. LOL Jenn! Your meaning of "ban" sounds like mine. Congrats and please post pics when you have time!:yahoo:
  15. congrats jenn, it was actually on hold for me, i thought it was going to be on hold for me till the end of the day today, got tied up at work this morning, and by the time i called, i was told it had been least it went to you. pls post pix when you get it.