Navy patent jumbo flap--trendy or good long-term choice?

  1. I only have a black coco cabas, red diamond shine patent small flap and am looking for one more Chanel for Spring to round out my collection for a while. Is this a good choice or too trendy. I actually really like patent despite the current phase, but I want to make sure I get the right bag because I will have to wait a while after this one. I don't have a brown Chanel, but I was wanting a spring-type color. I need honest, objective opinions, please!
  2. I asked my S/A @ the boutique last night about the navy Timeless Classic Flap, he had a navy medium and black medium in lambskin and he said the navy is so dark they look the same. I went w/ a Jumbo in white caviar, but navy patent is still on my list. I love the navy and now it is not a seasonal color. Navy is used year 'round and in the spring and summer looks great w/ white. I don't think a navy bag could every be trendy.
  3. I believe that navy patent is a spring color. Let's face it, every spring, the nautical theme always seems to show up on the runways or the stores. I know the dilemma you are going through.
  4. I had the navy patent and returned it. It was just too close to the black patent I have, and despite all of the patent showing up recently, I do feel colors (other then black) will look dated in a couple of years. I'd go for brown or a camel shade.