Navy patent jumbo available

  1. Ladies, it breaks my heart to do this but I will be returning this lovely bag at NM this week. The SA who got me this bag found me a TDF blood orange python Ritz bag so I have to sacrifice the jumbo (maybe even a few fingers and toes :push:smile: to get the Ritz. I modelled the jumbo in my chanel du jour challenge but have not worn it out since I was still on the prowl for exotics and thought this bag might not be a keeper. Pls PM me and I can let you know when i do my return so you can call the SA for it. I know a few of you were still looking for this one.
  2. bag is spoken for!
  3. There is a navy patent jumbo flap available at Nordstrom Seattle, ask for Peggy Urban (206) 628-1253, she has it on hold for me and I will release the hold tomorrow. I already bought two bags and two wallets this week, so hubby said no to this one....darn. It is absolutely gorgeous and want one of the tPF'ers to get it before the price increase.:yes:
  4. nice bag.
  5. how much is it?
  6. ^ $2395 + tax. :yes:
  7. There is one Navy Jumbo Flap available at NM Troy, MI. The price is still $2,395. Please call Balsam Dally at (248) 802-6442 if anyone is interested. She is a very nice person. Tell her Vanessa sent you.
  8. I got my navy patent jumbo from Nordies, it is a gorgeous bag!
  9. It's such a lovely bag and I'm drooling! May I know the model number? I'm located in HK, just wondering if it is available here!
  10. I think there is no navy patent jumbo available in HK.

  11. Sigh!! :sad:
    Chanelfans, thanks for the info though!
  12. I think this bag is getting re-released, thank goodness. The navy patent jumbo is just too gorgeous to pass up!
  13. ^ K, what do you mean it's getting re-released?