*Navy Patent Jumbo* available...go check it out!!

  1. Dear all,

    My SA just informed that only ONE navy patent jumbo is available. If you are looking for this beauty, please pm me for information. thanks so much!!
  2. I have ordered a navy patent jumbo from my SA today, so happy!
  3. haha..congrats!!
  4. just ordered the jumbo navy patent leather from NM too!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. oh you are all so lucky - I want one!!!
  6. Hi! :smile: I got your PM, thank you so much! :heart: It turns out that I have an SA at NM who tracked this bag down for me (and I was away all day yesterday). :smile: I hope someone has grabbed it by now. :smile:

  7. Does anyone know if anymore are available? Please PM me...thanks!!!!