Navy patent flap bag at Saks

  1. I saw one at the Chanel boutique but wonder if Saks carries it? It's the classic patent flap bag with silver hw in medium or jumbo. Please LMK if you have spotted one! TIA
  2. ^ hey babe, do you think NM has it? i've been looking for the perfect jumbo! i'd love one in navy patent with silver h/w!!! xoxo
  3. I got my navy patent jumbo classic with silver h/w at NM in Scottsdale last Thursday. They also had one medium. :yes: Ask for Kat or Joy in Chanel. (480) 990-2100.
  4. i just got mine last week too :love::yahoo::wlae: it's such a beauty sigh. i'm not sure if there are any lying around as i had to waitlist for this bag weeks ago to get it. good luck!! :heart:
  5. whats the price on a medium and jumbo?

    jeanne - post some pics!
  6. bags: The jumbo was $2395. I've been meaning to post pics but just too tired and lazy I guess. Since you've requested it, I'll be more proactive! Pics soon! :yes:
  7. haha where and how much did you get it for?
  8. Love the navy patent!

    jeannebar-can you post the sku# of your jumbo? Anyone know the sku# of the medium?
  9. yes jeanne, if possible pls post some pics and the sku number. that will really help.. thx so much... oh, and the price too!!!
  10. I went to NM today in Newport Beach, CA and they had the patent navy blue in the jumbo. I think they said that they just got it in this morning.
  11. joyfishyu and minnie04

    Sorry to be so late responding. Was out all afternoon - shopping of course! Here is the sku# on the tag as well as the style number. I'm assuming the sku is that number under the barcode. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    sku# 3 572619 980310

    style# 07A A28600Y04339
    94015 DK NAVY BLUE

    Pics tomorrow. Camera is charging. :smile::smile::smile:
  12. Thank you so much jeannebar:flowers: I meant to ask you the style #, but since my SA always call it sku #.....:sweatdrop:

    Does anyone know how to get the style# of the medium flap from jeannebar's jumbo flap style#? TIA!
  13. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i want a patent jumbo! now i'm moving my budget (calculated allowance forgone) to see if i could squeeze a jumbo in!

    LOL. i'm so hopeless!
  14. Navy patent sounds amazing, what do you ladies wear it with, like what color clothing?
  15. Definitely white,ecru(cream-light beige),some shades of brown,black,grey-metallic,and I dare say golden-yellow!;)