Navy Patent Classic Flap at NM

  1. I saw the navy patent classic flap today at NM and was shocked! It was hidden in the back, but I took a quick peek and saw it shining away! I put it on hold for 24 hrs under my name since I know some ppl have been looking for this bag. PM me if you'd like my SA's info! :heart:

    BTW - the tag said it was $23xx
  2. BTW - NM also had the N/S glazed modern chain, the black expandable tote, the distressed white mm lock classic flap, the distressed black mm lock classic flap, and new CC wallet on chain ($1340!).

    Also, I think some ppl have been looking for the crystal CC earrings - there was a pair there for either $220 or $240.
  3. I am interested. CAn you give me your SA's info .
  4. Thank you for sharing this !Can you please tell me if it was the crackled patent or simple patent and also were the H/W shiny silver or kind of dark "tarnished"???TIA!:smile:
  5. It was simple patent with shiny silver H/W.
  6. Thank you so much for responding. Love you to death. I called your SA today and she was very helpful and not pushy....but the bag is large is like a 227 size....I am 4'11 I am afraid that the bag is too big for me. What do you think guys? Should I get it? Do you think I can pull it of?
  7. Thank you bananax!:smile:
  8. Chanti,if you intend to use it as a casual bag then I think you can pull it off if it looks/or you want it for a more dressy one,I think a smaller size would be more fit!;)
  9. bananax119, you are such a sweetie to do that for the TPfers!
  10. Hmmm .... so tempting .... but probably not such a good idea.

    Yea what joyfish said ... it's ultra sweet of you!
    Whoever ends up buying the distressed white please post pics!