Navy Patent anything?

  1. Hi all! For my next bag, I would really like a navy patent flap bag. Are there any available now in any line?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I saw a jumbo navy patent reissue today at Saks in MI. I believe it was $2375. If you like, you can call Diane @ Saks 248-643-9000 ext. 5404 to inquire about it.
  3. I saw a jumbo navy classic flap at the Bellagio Chanel boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sorry I didn't get a price.
  4. The navy patent jumbo classic retails for $1,895 + tax.:yes:
  5. I'm not a big fan of the jumbo, i feel like it would be too overwhelming (I'm 5'1)... Is there anything in the smaller sizes (sorry--i don't actually know the descriptions/names/sizes :sad:)?
  6. I saw Navy Patent Flap at Chanel boutique at SCP & NM Fashion Island, it's gorgeous!!!
  7. It's also avaliable in the east-west size. (Chanel also calls it the pochette). Besides that, there is the navy patent leather reissue (with gold hardware) in the medium size.
  8. Theres an adorable navy patent clutch on eBay now and I believe it could possibly be from :graucho: one of out PF members.
  9. does not surprise me.
    I always find the best bags there - love that store!
  10. I love the navy patent. There's an east-west bag available at the NM in Palo Alto.
  11. Lani in the handbag department is great there!
  12. does she have blond or light color hair? That may be the gal who helped me with a Jimmy Choo bag and was AWESOME
  13. Was this navy patent or navy lambskin? Thanks!
  14. i've seen the navy patent classic flap and the navy patent flap (not classic flap) with contrasting piping around it
  15. There is a new Navy patent coming out on the luxury line. It is a flap style but not a structured as the classic flap. It has the silver chain around the inside border of the flap. It will sell for about $2725 or a little higher. They are making it in the Navy, Black, White & red Patent.