Navy Patent 2.55 Reissue size 226

  1. Anyone seen these in gold or silver hardware - and willing to ship internationally?

    And am i right that the rrp is US$2175 before tax?
  2. no one? :sad:
  3. check Saks chevy chase, md. I saw one there last weekend (gold hw), but I'm not sure if it's a 226 or a 227.... worth calling!
  4. the one at Saks Chevy Chase was 227 I saw it yesterday too :smile:

    And the 227 was 2375 plus tax
  5. Got mine today and it was $2,195 plus tax.....

    Good luck.
  6. thanks purrfect. hopefully someone spots one soon enough.
  7. The navy patent came with G/H only

    Livechat to Neimans/Nordstroms/saks and get them to check to see if they can locate on for you
  8. just bumping this up. i have found a 227 but really want the 226. i've tried live chat and they just keep giving me phone numbers to ring, which is of course pretty hard given the time difference.

    saks i believe only ordered the 227 size.

    someone please help!
  9. Livechat to either stores are no use! I tried that before but they just kept on giving me numbers! I believe CHANELboy just posted that one with Silver Hardware a few weeks ago. And Purrfect just got hers in 226 size. Mine is on 227 with Gold Hardware and nearly there! (Just waiting for a payment from my item on ebay...) Well good luck looking for your dream bag! :biggrin:
  10. frayed misfit - I can't believe you haven't been able to locate one. I hope you find one soon.

    Mine has the gold hardware.

    I have not seen one with silver - but I bet it is stunning too.

    Hope you get one - keep my fingers crossed for you.

    iqaganda - congrats on yours!!!
  11. ^ Thanks! :biggrin: I just hope the buyer of my bag from ebay pays me a.s.a.p. so that I can pay my handbag in full payment a.s.a.p. too! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. ok giving up very soon. the chanel 1800 number has been pretty useless as well, they just gave me stores to call.
  13. Hi, why dont you send Chanel Boy a PM?
    He may be able to help, they ship international also.