Navy pants and what colour shoes?

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  1. What colour shoes should i wear with navy chinos? Thx
  2. Brown, Navy, Nude
  3. Grey, pink, red, leopard (animal print)
  4. It really depends what you wear as a top but my first thoughts are nude, beige or tan shoes.......
  5. Nude, oxblood, bright red or leopard print are the first things that come to my mind!
  6. Don't forget black, a classic French pairing.
  7. You could do any colour shoes with navy - just depends on the rest of your outfit.
  8. Red , nude, white....No brown in my opinion.....
  9. I love navy with black (if you are wearing a black top) or brown, beige or grey. I don't like bright red, I think a deep burgundy is better.
  10. I like tan or a textured ivory for summer, especially if you are trying to divert from a nautical look.

    I have some ivory/stone colored croc pumps that are really versatile, especially with light skin because they are close to nude.
  11. I like navy with leopard print too!!
  12. Red, black or white imo.