Navy or Red disco bag?

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  1. I am really conflicted between these two colors. I don't have any other small navy bags. I do have a red Chanel Goldenclass, but I want a this for a more casual option.

    Help me choose!!
  2. If I already had a red chanel, I'd go for a navy disco. But that's me!
  3. I would do the same as applecidered. I bought a red disco, which I love, but my bags are all black.
  4. Since you already have a red bag in your collection then I'd go for Navy, plus its a nice colour that you could wear casually everyday.
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  5. I have the other way round. I've a vintage navy Chanel (kind of like a mademoiselle) and a vintage black tassel bag which is very close to the Soho Disco style. My Gucci SD is rusty tan suede (officially called orange but isn't).
    I'm agreeing with most here, since you have the red Chanel G why not go for the navy :yes:
  6. Which color works best for you?
    I agree with the others, since you already have a red Chanel, I would pick navy for the Disco.
    Easy to wear and will look great with jeans too.
    Good luck with your decision :smile:!
  7. Hi! Where is navy disco available or is it Fall release? At least (EU site) doesn't stock this bag in navy.
  8. I would go for navy as well. I have no navy bags but it seems like a versatile color!
  9. The red Gucci is a gorgeous color, but get the Navy and then throw on a color pop pompom!
  10. I'm just putting this out there :wave:

    There are new S. Discos that are tri-coloured too:
    1. Navy front/back panels and a red strap (white sides)
    2. Red front/back panels and a navy strap (white sides)

    So you could have the best of both worlds if you wanted to :coolio:
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  11. I pick navy. But I highly suggest what Papertiger is suggesting. :amuse:
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  12. I saw these multicolored bags irl at the boutique and they are lovely.
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  13. Thanks for the suggestion! :smile: I ended up pre-ordering the navy