Navy or light beige jumbo flap caviar Any suggestions?

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  1. Hi ladies, I need to choose between navy and light beige jumbo flap caviar. I know the two colors are totally different and can go with different outfits. I like them both but wallet says no so I have to pick one. What are you suggestions? TIA.
  2. My mother has the new Navy Jumbo with silver hw and it's truly fabulous. I absolutely love it. However, I also really love the new beige. I think though that the navy is something different and I know it's just for Cruise so once it's gone it's gone. I think the beige is here to stay for awhile so I say get the navy. It really is a beautiful bag. Plus you won't have to worry about color transfer like you would with the beige. I also think the beige is nicer on a smaller flap such as the Medium or E/W cuz the color to me looks dressier.
  3. I agree the Navy - is my choice!
  4. I have the New Beige and IMO it is the one to get - They nailed it w/the color and the NAVY is just a hare too light of a blue for me.
  5. Navy!
  6. I love the color blue. Dark blue, light blue and all the blues in between. But I also have trouble wearing/carrying blue bags. So for this reason alone, I recommend the beige. I have found the beige (mine is darker) much easier to wear.
  7. I love the navy caviar, and I would have bought this if it I hadn't already picked up the red caviar. The light beige is very elegant, but I worry about color transfer with that light of a hue.
  8. I have the new beige and so that's the one I would suggest getting, its more of a practical color, how often would you use a blue bag? I would have alot of trouble finding outfits to match a blue bag....Just my opinion....
  9. I really depends on your wardrobe. Which do you think you would wear more? I really like the navy, but I think the beige would be more versatile.
  10. I think both colour would suit most of our existing wardrobe easily, so it really depends on your color preference!

    I have the beige coming my way & I can't wait!! :heart:
  11. navy!
  12. i prefer the light beige but it really depends on what you like and your wardrobe!
  13. I think the Cruise navy is absolutely gorgeous!!! :love: If I didn't have the bleu fonce and '07 navy patent Jumbos, I would've snapped it up! :nuts: It's a beautiful true blue and you can't go wrong with it! :love: Plus, you have no color transfer worries with a darker color. Unless you have several darker colored caviar flaps, go with the navy. :smile: If not, the light beige would be great. :smile: Good luck deciding :flowers:... it's a good dilemma to have! :P
  14. i think wut goes with ur everyday clothin cuz light beige can be a victim of color transfer and if u wear to much dark colors , but i still love it!! i think these are things u should think bout but light beige i prefer on to navy.
  15. The light beige is so gorgeous, definitely gets my vote.