navy or black patent jumbo - must decide today

  1. thanks
  2. I have the crackled black patent jumbo and I :heart: :heart: :heart: that bag. I have also seen the navy patent in the store and it's gorgeous as well. As for deciding between the 2 colors, I went w/black because it goes w/everything. Go w/the color that will fit in best w/your wardrobe.
  3. the navy is the reissue; the black is the standard one
    the navy is in stock; the black would have to be ordered

    - tough decision -
  4. I agree with clk55girl. If the black will better fit with your wardrobe, go with that. However, if you prefer the reissue style, then navy is good. I would probably go with the black myself, and the crackled patent is only for this season, which is another factor to consider. Either one will be gorgeous, enjoy! :smile:

  5. Black patents come in both Classic and Reissue. I got the classic black patent (silver hardware) initially, but exchanged it for a black patent reissue (gold hardware) later.
  6. oooh - i'd love the patent reissue - any idea if they are still available?
  7. Yes, I'm sure they are still available. I've seen them in stores. Best of luck.
  8. navy reissue!!
  9. Indra, at the Tyson's Corner, VA, store has some patent Reissues. Her phone number is 757-847-0555.
  10. Karen,
    The navy is so pretty. I like it because everyone carries a black bag, and the navy is also considered a neutral color now. It blends well with lots of other colors. I really like the navy!!!
  11. I agree with Penny, the navy is gorgeous!!!
  12. I agree the navy is gorgeous and a bit out of the ordinary.

    If you don't have a good black patent then get that one as a staple - otherwise I'd opt for the navy.
  13. I bought the black patent reissue. I kept staring at the navy though. I have more black than navy in my wardrobe. Navy always seem to be "in" for spring/summer because black seems too hot to wear for summer. I've been debating this myself.
  14. Navy reissue for sure. Saks has them in the 227 size.