Navy or Black Expandable Flap?

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  1. I need expert opinion since my DH is no help in these matters. :shrugs: I don't know which one to get...

    My SA told me that he can get both navy and black for the expandable flap...I know this was mentioned in a previous post but I really don't know which one to get and I'm hoping for more current opinions. I saw pics for both of them and they're both gorgeous.

    I have seven black bags but no navy...yet...but I like the way black goes with everything AND I know that the navy is really dark with a hint of blue (this is what my SA said). So...what do you people think. Any help is appreciated!!! TIA
  2. i have seen the navy irl and loved it. you seem to have enough black right now, spice it up a little bit.
  3. I vote for the navy!
  4. i love the navy expandable, so i'm voting that! plus u have 7 black bags already... and even though im a big black bag fan, i think the navy will introduce a bit of "colour" while still being a dark neutral.
  5. i've only seen the navy as well, it was quite nice. so i'm voting for navy.
  6. I had exactly the same choice, and the same many black bags, and I went with the navy. It's gorgeous! No regrets whatsoever.
  7. Go with navy, especially since you already own so many black bags.
  8. Another vote for the navy bag....
  9. I think you guys are right...I just talked to my SIL and she's trying to talk me out of this bag cuz she doesn't like it. you guy think it's something I'll be able to use for a long time?
  10. Chanel does navy so well. It's a beautiful bag.

  11. OMG. That is such a gorgeous bag. In pictures it is pretty but IRL it is absolutely gorgeous. The leather is TDF!!!!! (: And yes i think you can use it for a looooong time. :smile:
  12. Seven black bags?? Then navy should be next!
  13. Go with navy. It's gorgeous!
  14. NAVY....there will always be more black bags, sounds like you have a good collection of black already.
  15. I would go with Navy.