Navy Metallic Reissue Chain

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  1. Does anyone know whether the Navy Metallic Reissue comes in gold chain as well? So far I've only seen silver chains, but was wondering if it also came in gold? Thanks!
  2. No, I'm pretty sure the Navy only comes in silver from what I've seen in the store and from other tPF members' pictures. HTH!
  3. I think only the black came in gold and silver....sorry! if you can find a navy patent reissue from 07' that came with a gold chain. you might find one on ebay eventually. it retailed for $2475 or $2575 I think in the 227 size!
  4. the reissue only comes with silver H/W. only the clutch that has the reissue lock has an optional gold strap, but it's rather a smooth chain, not a reissue one