Navy Marley from Nordstroms Anniversary Sale - PICS!

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  1. I love everything about this bag!! The color, the studs, the gunmetal hardware. It will match everything in my wardrobe and makes every outfit look "stylish". I plan on using it mostly as a fall/winter bag, but will probably use it some this summer as well. I am not good about waiting to use my purchases.:biggrin:

  2. Nice bag! I like how it slouches nicely in the middle when carried with the shoulder strap.
  3. Wow! I've never seen a Navy Treesje bag but man is that color TDF! Thanks for posting pictures. :flowers:
  4. Is the long strap detachable?
  5. CONGRATS!! I love that color!:heart:
    Isn't the quality amazing?!?:nuts:
  6. Wow that color is amazing! I've banned myself from getting any blue bags, but I may have to reconsider. :drool: The leather on that baby looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all these great modeling pics!
  7. Yes, the long strap is detachable. The only thing that I wish were that it was also adjustable. I think that it is too short to look right when worn cross-body. ^^Yes, the quality is awesome. I love the leather. It is very lightweight and squishy. It is like a big pillow. I definitely see more Treesje bags in my future. I had never even looked at this brand until seeing this bag in the sale.
  8. Love your new bag!!! It does have an awesome slouch to it already.... Looks great on you too..:tup::tup:
  9. iluvhandbags - Congrats on a fantastic bag, I really LOVE the navy, you just can't go wrong w/ a navy bag....I'm sitting here considering picking up another color (DH really isn't that opposed, that's how much he likes it, lol). Did you try it crossbody? I thought it looked fine when I tried it but I don't ever carry my bags that way (just don't like the cross the boobies look). Do you remember what other colors were offered? Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine!
  10. Yes, I remember all the colors! There was black, chrome (metallic silver), purple (this color was GORGEOUS), and tan with gold studs in addition to the navy and gray. I am so tempted by the purple, but it is such a statement bag, I am trying to limit myself to one color in this style. However, I must have something in the purple too! I tried the bag cross body, but think that the strap is too short for it to look right that way. It bulges out funny because it hits at high hip and has all of the gathers. I am not usually a cross body person though. I will mostly probably wear it tote style. I wore it to see Harry Potter tonight and loved it (the bag and the movie)!
  11. I love that color!! And I love the shape of the Marley. The only thing that concerns me is the drop looks quite low, and I'm fairly short so that might be a problem...
  12. I love the navy leather in your pics -- it's looks so luscious and soft. I'm definitely going to have to check this bag out in the tan with gold studs.
  13. Ooh, very pretty! :drool: It looks stunning on you, congrats!

    Just out of curiosity, do you know if Navy is the official name of this colour? (There's a dark/navy blue coming out later on in the Fall 2009 collection called Oceano, and I'm wondering if this might in fact be it!) Thanks for all your additional info on the shoulder strap's drop too! It's definitely useful info to know, as I had been wondering if this might make a good crossbody/messenger bag.
  14. these Marley's really looso nice now that I can see them modeled. Yours looks great on you, and the navy with the gunmetal hardware is perfect! congrats on her.
  15. The Nordstroms tag had the color stated as Navy. I didn't see a Treesje tag with the color anywhere in the bag, so I don't know if it might be Oceano. It is the PERFECT Navy though. I don't like super dark Navy colors that almost look black, and this one is a true Navy (not to dark). I carried this bag again today and love it! It is already so slouchy, but I am curious to see how it will break in/if it will get even slouchier!