Navy Mahala versus Purple Mahala

  1. Hi

    I have recently fallen in love with the Mahala bag and I can't decide between the purple and the navy. Which do you think is more versatile? I'm edging toward the purple.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. I wear alot of navy (love navy!)so I would probably not buy a navy bag. Personally, with what is in my wardrobe I would find more use for the purple. Look at what you wear and that might help you decide. The Mahala is a Fantastic bag. Have fun deciding.
  3. VKD I would recommend purchasing the purple if you like the Mahala style. Additionally, the Mahala does not come in Navy, so if you are looking for the color Navy in a bag, you will want to look at the Alex, Ayse or the Adele. If you look hard enough, you might find a used Ramona or Riki in the Navy leather.
    Good Luck!
  4. I will prefer the purple as well!! is so purrrtty ... .too bad is sold out:crybaby:
  5. Thank you so much everyone! My boss just came back from a trip to London with a black mahala so now I cannot buy my purple one. They still have it in Jimmy Choo, Emirates Towers - Dubai if anyone wants it.

  6. Your boss has black, so you can't buy purple?? I dont understand. But I guess you didnt want it badly enough.
  7. ^ lol that is so funny, i did not understand that either, i first thought i was reading wrong but i guess not ...... maybe what she means is that once she saw the black she liked it better then the purple and now she wants a black one???///:confused1:
  8. purple is really hot right now esp. the Balenciaga 07 grape...i know i should stick to JC topic here but use it to illustrate the hotness of PURPLE>>>>> DO IT!
  9. I don't get it? :confused1: It shouldn't make any difference if you both have the same purse...even if it is in the same color. It just means that you both recognize a great style. :yes:
  10. VKD, sorry to hear your Mahala plans fell through so soon! I do understand how acquaintance's and friend's purchases can unfortunately affect your own. Growing up I had a close knit group of girls that included some who were very protective of the style and items they discovered and purchased first. It does not always make sense.

    I say buy what you love regardless but with respect and admiration for what your friend or coleague has managed to purchase before you. After all, not to sound cliche, imitation is the best form of flattery(even if you thought of it first;))
  11. The purple one is so dark from what I hear. I'd love to see it IRL. I may eventually get the Maddy in purple when they go on sale as I like the size better. I wore my burgundy Radiant for the first time recently and it is way too big for my taste...I really prefer the smaller Choo bags.

  12. Oooooo, really? :heart:

    Friends and bosses are two different things. Unless, your boss is also your good friend. lol But yeah, it might still feel weird if you took it to work. Or if your boss has bad taste and seeing her with it may have turned you off. haha
  13. Hi Everyone! I think my boss would freak if I bought the same style bag. I have the ramona and she wanted to buy it but I got there first and she was a bit miffed. I have been thinking about saying to hell with it and buying it anyway and wearing it on the weekend!!! It's a gorgeous bag. The only thing that is stopping me is thinking about the riki in the gold suede. So many choices! :smile:
  14. Yeah, it sucks if you feel like you cant wear it anytime you feel. Or just say to hell with it, and wear it to work and piss her off, especially because it'll look much better on you :nuts:
  15. purple o'mine....:love: