Navy Lambskin Medium/Large w/ Silver HW

  1. Anyone looking for this bag? I have one on hold til Wednesday in Vancouver BC if anyone is interested.
  2. Oh my! It sounds so pretty! How much is it? And do you know if it can be sent to Australia?
  3. Thanks for posting it! I hope it's in caviar.....sigh!
  4. Is this the 06 navy? If so, I'm surprised they still have it!
  5. Do you have a photo? Is that from S/S08? Thanks!
  6. Is it the timeless classic style with leather-intertwined chain? Or the new (metal-only) chain? I wonder if there might be any navy caviar flaps left....?
  7. I don't know if its the 06 Navy but my SA is going to send me some photos of it. I'll post when I get photos of it. It has the all silver chain.
  8. Here are the photos.


    IMGP0453.JPG IMGP0454.JPG
  9. So hard to see the chain in that pic, but I think it's the ss08 navy flap in glazed lambskin...

    Thanks for posting javaboo!
  10. Yeah I think thats it. I tried a bag in a similar colour and the chain is really light. The bag also looks a bit shorter than the normal medium/large classic. The leather seems to be more durable than the regular lambskin.

    Anyways, if you guys are interested in it its at the Vancouver Chanel store don't think its on hold anymore.
  11. malsrm: I don't know but I think some of the members here have gotten things sent to them before and they live in the US.
  12. i tot the chain is the classic chain.....:sad:
  13. It is the new chain I saw it in person. The colour looks a lot deeper in blue than the photo posted. It is gorgeous!!!!!!