NAVY jumbo patent leather SHOULD I ???

  1. My SA has one for me...I told him to hold it...its the Jumbo reissue cracked patent with gold chain for 2375.00

    Here is what I want to know..
    TO THE girls who have it or own it..DO you think it will peel over time

    I wear jeans alot & do you think it a bag I can get away with wearing during the day???

    I never saw it in person
    I only saw pictures

    Is it destressed like the reissues???

    I need your input PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as possible:heart:

    BTW he has 3 of them
  2. Which store? I'd love to get one of those.
  3. 216-292-5500 ex 359 ask for Chris
  4. I don't have the Reissue, but I recently got the Jumbo Classic Flap in the crackled patent. Practically all I wear is jeans, so I wear it with them all the time. I've only had it maybe three weeks, so I can't attest to the longevity of the patent, though.
  5. I don't know about the peeling but that is one gorgeous bag! I think it would look amazing with jeans!!
  6. just placed the order PLUS I get back 300 EGC from Saks and NO TAX

    I hope I like it...I wanted to do it today for the 300 card..If not I'll send it back

  7. you go girl!!! :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
  8. I have 4 bags coming tomorrow thru saturday all chanel
    I HOPE MY HUSBAND IS NOT HERE when the fedex truck comes or I WILL BE A BUSY girl this weekend;)
  9. :roflmfao:

  10. :lol: :lol:
  11. Congrats!!!

    Thats such a beautiful bag -- I can't wait to see the pics :nuts: :nuts: of all your new loot!
    What is 300 EGC? I want one of those :smile:
  12. Congrats! That's such a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see it.
  13. That had me busting up! ROTFL!!! :roflmfao:

    I cannot wait to see your pics Vip!
  14. OMG! Congrats! You MUST post pics of those beauties when they arrive, please! :nuts: