Navy/Ink/Indigo pic?

  1. Has there ever been a comparision pic between these colors? I would love to see one :smile:
  2. I posted a thread a while back asking for photos of these two colors. Do a search of "INK INDIGO" and it should come up. They are quite different. Indigo has more royal blue in it and ink is almost black with dark blue or purple undertones depending on the bag.
  3. here is my late navy twiggy

  4. Here's a comparison of navy (which I no longer have) and ink.
  5. OH!! allison she's stunning!! What a beauty!
  6. I loved that bag. I'm sad I ever sold it. Even though it was chewed on by my kitty :crybaby:
  7. I'll post pics of my Indigo Twiggy asap!