Navy horsebit hobo w/ silver hardware??

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  1. I just received the navy horsebit hobo from (long story...I got it for 50% off) and saw that it has the silver hardware instead of the light gold. Is this legit? Eeek, I am so nervous.....
  2. Its from Neiman Marcus....

    DO you actually think NM would send you a fake bag?? Or that the word of a tPFer is more valid than NM?? LOL

    It sounds like a lovely bag. Gucci often uses a silver/gold mix for their hardward, thats described as a 'light gold'. It can appear silver or gold, depending on how you look at it. Its quite lovely.
  3. No worries. Neimans is totally legitimate. Look at the quality of the bag. Fakes are terrible and will fall apart. Real ones will not.
  4. Of course it's real! If it makes you feel better, I have the horsebit hobo in brown and it also has silver hardware. Now go enjoy that killer bag you got at a killer price. :rochard:

    That's the downside of hanging on tPF. We get so aware and afraid of fakes that we start questioning even the most reputable retailers.
  5. I think your question is completely legitimate. I remember reading a thread earlier this year on tPF about a PFer who got a fake bag from ordering from one of the department store websites. It's not that the store carries fakes, but it's possible that a customer pulled a bait-and-switch on the store and returned a fake. If you do a search in the tPF, I'm sure you'll be able to find that thread. If you ever have doubts, you should ask, no matter where you got it from...unless it was the actual designer's boutique.

    Also, fakes aren't all terrible quality anymore. There are some ridiculously good fakes out there that even boutique SA's have a hard time telling apart from the authentic bags. Be careful!

    That being said, it sounds like other PFers have this bag with the same hardware, so enjoy your bag and CONGRATS on the beautiful bag and great deal!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thanks all. I checked out the hardware and love2travel is right- i think that it is the light gold. thanks for cheering me up. she is a beautiful bag!
  7. ^^^I'm glad you posted that! I would have sworn(seems I did) my brown hobo had silver hardware, but I pulled it out of its sleeper bag today and it's the light gold. Doh! :Push::shame::Push:

    After that, I checked the Gucci site. There are a few versions of the horsebit hobo with silver hardware, but most are indeed the light gold. Note to self: check facts before posting!