Navy Glazed Lambskin -- opinions/pics?

  1. does anyone have a picture of the navy glazed lambskin bag in medium size? im wondering what it looks like IRL. :smile:

    i'm going to USA soon, and am thinking of buying it there =)
  2. I saw it at the trunk show, but I don't have any pics. The shade of navy was beautiful, but the bag felt really strange in comparison to standard flaps. The leather was very soft and not very structured and the chain was the new bijoux chain and very light, almost plastic feeling. I liked it, but I didn't. I don't know about this one, for me, personally.
  3. ^^^ That's disappointing to hear. I don't like the leather on classic flaps to be too soft or unstructured. I guess I'll have to wait for Chanel to bring back the caviar jumbos.
  4. I have to second bulletproofsoul's opinion... I LOVE LOVED LOVED the navy blue colour - it was exactly what I was hoping it'd be like. An absolutely beautiful blue. But I also wasn't a fan of the chain. It didn't feel substantial like the bijoux chain from last year - it just felt like something was amiss when I had the chain in my hand.... I guess I got the feeling of disappointment cuz it felt like I had fake metal in my hands. (? dunno if there's a better way to describe what I mean...)
  5. Yes I have a picture of it, my SA sent it over a couple of days ago.


  6. Oh! Love the color. I'm waitlisted for this bag at NM - BH. I hope I love it! I'm such a fan of traditional lambskin tho' - I'm concerned I won't like the feel of the glazed lambskin....or the chain.
  7. it looks odd .. different from the regular classic flaps
    look at the edges of the flap !!!

    does the light pink look like that in IRL ??
  8. I saw the navy glazed lambskin at the trunk show and LOVED the color as well, but the unstructured look and the chain made me a little iffy about it. I'm having my SA call me when it comes in so that I can take a closer look again. I wish that they had that navy in caviar too.
  9. come to think of it...this bag looks kind of like a mushrom...
    bigger at top, smaller on bottom

    sorta funny looking haha :yahoo:
    i'm going to chanel toronto on thurs/fri ... maybe i'll inquire more about it then!
  10. I saw this bag today!!!!! I loved loved LOVED the colour. And the glazed lambskin is really nice. I feel it's much more durable than the lambskin on my e/w. The interior is dark red (so nice!)
    About the chain, I'm not sure what to think of it....yes it is lighter but somehow feels 'odd' :shrugs: Even the type of links screamed 'regular' and not unique any more.
  11. im also thinking of whether to get this bag!!i cant decide between the classic black lambskin flap and this one!! i was originally going with this blue glazed lambskin since it would be less common as compared to the typical classic flap...
  12. I agree with most posters here: apart from the colours nothing else would make me buy these bags! the leather is not so rich and thick as it used to be,the upper flap is disproportional to the rest of the bag,the chains feel so light and of course the CC gets thinner and thinner that I wonder if it will completely disappear in the upcoming classic bags lol!
    if we won't buy maybe they will get the message and return to the old good quality material used before! After all they have made so much profit the last couple of years geesh!
    as for the new glazed lambskin being more sturdy than the old one well I am not willing to wait for 10 years to see what will happen to it !