Navy Glazed Lambskin Jumbo, $2650.

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  1. My SA told me there are very few left at Neiman's. If you are looking to get one, call Lisa at 248-635-8442.

  2. Gosh, I love that!:love:
  3. Are these 2008 bags?
  4. ^ new 2008 bag.
  5. Wow...I love it!
  6. so gorgeous!:heart:
  7. I love this bag..I'm dreaming about this bag..I called chanel heathrow london so many times that i already sound annoyin but still no luck.... (poor birthday girl, today is my bday I'm wishing that they might locate one for me)I'll try again tomorrow coz they had new delivery today..
  8. Saw this bag at the neimans in Atlanta and I've been thinking about it ever since.
  9. This is gorgeous! I have the pink, I just with the chain was longer on this seasons flaps
  10. My gf informed me today that this bag is more BLUE IRL, could anyone confirm this? I have been a bit obsessed with blue bags and if it's more blue than navy than I would love to get my hands on one!
  11. It is DEFINITELY more blue than navy! The bag in my avatar pic was called "navy" as well and it isn't navy but more of a royal blue. The flap is a little deeper than my tote bag....absolutely gorgeous IRL. So is the orange!
  12. wow , i love the colour. it's really gorgeous! Do they have this colour in an e/w?
  13. What a beautiiful blue!
  14. Yes, they have this color in e/w.
  15. WOW! This bag is beautiful. I am quite petite at 5'2. I wonder if I can carry this size! I have always stick to e/w.