Navy~ Flaps & GST Only

  1. I am really wanting a Navy bag but I am wondering is it only Flaps and GST's that come in navy?


  2. Either the Outdoor or Diamond Stitch also came in navy.
  3. I also have an expandable in Navy, the n/s one that has the gathered chain strap and the bottom unzips to expand! I love it! it also came in the e/w expandable flap in navy, but I have never seen the GST in Navy. I prefer navy to black for everyday bags myself....they work so well with jeans! Good luck!
  4. ^^I agree. The expandable in navy is a beautiful bag!
  5. I would love to see photos of all bags that come in navy/blue :nuts:
  6. ok, here is my navy expandable lambskin in the n/s version! Hope this helps. I think the retail on it was $2250 if memory serves....It was purchased just this past May so you might be able to find one. The e/w flap expandable was pretty nice too. you can see photos of that style but perhaps not in navy on the chanel thread under reference, look up expandable ligne!

    good luck! Trish :smile:
    IMG_0018.JPG IMG_0017.JPG
  7. Wow thanks! this is really going to help me... I am thinking about getting the e/w flap or a different flap in navy but not the expandable....
  8. noegirl, is that your DD in your avatar?
    She's beautiful!:love:
  9. Swanky~ yes thats her! Thank you! Maybe we will bump into eachother at one of the dallas chanel counters!
  10. We MUST have a get together soon! There's a few Dallas gals I'd love to lunch with!
  11. ^^^ I'm in just let me know when and where!
  12. let us know which you choose and be sure to post pics....have fun shopping!
  13. I am leaning towards a navy e/w flap bu I will have to see where I can find one!