Navy Flap

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  1. Hello everybody! I want to get a navy flap. Which should I get? My SA told me they have a navy in distressed lambskin in silver HW, a patent navy (double compartment) and a navy in lambskin.
    Please help.:confused1: I would also love to have the metallic navy if I can still find one;)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    By the way, I have attached a picture of the navy in distressed lambskin and patent navy for your reference. borrowed the pictures from fellow tpfer. sorry if this is not allowed.
    navy blue in distressed lambskin.jpg navy patent.jpg

  2. Tough choice here I see. Both look so beautiful to me too! But the one that pops out more to me at first glance would be the patent one I guess:smile::tup:
  3. I like the distressed lambskin.
  4. I prefer the patent one. GL deciding.
  5. Both are gorgeous, but I would also choose the glazed lambskin.
  6. if you're going to use it daily, i would go for the distressed lambskin.
  7. I'd get the distressed lambskin. It looks so classic, and the leather is so gorgeous! And I tried on the double compartment and it felt a bit awkward on the shoulder. (But maybe that was just me?) Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
  8. Another vote for the distressed lambskin:smile:
  9. I'll vote for patent! its TDF
  10. VOTE for distressed lambskin. IMO it looks more classic than the patent. The patent's color is kinda bright, so it would be harder to match. Distressed lambskin all the way!!
  11. contrary to the popular vote, i prefer the distressed. the patent is gorgeous but i am up to my neck with everyone wearing patent and the fad will soon fade faster than expected.
  12. I slightly prefer the distressed lambskin, but I would get it in a medium size for everyday use (I think the one in the pic is the jumbo). You can't really go wrong w/ either though.
  13. thanks for all your help.:yes: is the distressed lambskin as delicate as the regular lambskin? thanks
  14. I prefer the distressed lambskin.

  15. im not sure how to answer that. maybe it will scratch less because of the wrinkles?:confused1:
    but in the end its still delicate.... so i dont know.

    maybe any scratches it incurs can be played off by saying.... "oh its the DISTRESSED flap, its supposed to be like that... ITS THE BEAUTY OF THE BAG!:flowers:"