Navy Expandable on AFF

  1. [​IMG] If I didn't already have one, I'd get it. :p:p:p
  2. LOVE Chanel navy...and this is no exception...just gorgeous! :love:
  3. Beautiful bag! I love the Expandable Flaps, and I am really into Chanel navy bags right now.
  4. where have you seen it? what is the price of this bag? tia
  5. thanks for posting! I saw this...hope a pfer will get her~
  6. I have this one in black and its just the most beautiful bag to use. Would be great if one of our gals gets it :smile:
  7. I have this same bag and love it! I think the price is good too...didn't they increase in Nov??
  8. I have this bag also and I just LOVE it! I'm carrying it right now. Anyone who gets this will adore it!
  9. I saw this bag on AFF and fell in love. It's gorgeous... but now's not the time for me to get another bag... :sad:

    I hope a tPFer gets it!
  10. Just curious, is the expandable difficult to find? I ask because I saw a brown one and a black one at a retail store recently.
  11. Certain colors are hard to find in this style, such as the red, the navy, and the pink.