Navy Drummed Riki Changing Colors

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  1. Mod, please move this if this is in the incorrect area. I see no threads, so I hope this is right.

    Recently, my boyfriend had pointed out to me that my Riki is changing colors. It is especially along the edges of the top and the sides and somewhat actually... everywhere. It's turning kind of pinkish... It does not look as blue as it used to be. So I was just wondering if anyone knew what this was. Maybe it's from too much sun? I love this bag, so I do use this bag more than usual. It's probably my fault for not protecting it with anything. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could prevent it from turning into a salmon riki? hahaha...TIA!
  2. Yes - you are in the right place. This subforum is brand spankin' new!
  3. Woah! I just came back and there are 51 threads?! Either there was a glitch, or this is super popular! =)
  4. Hehe :graucho: I am moving appropriate threads to this area. Think of it as filing!

    Sorry, I cannot answer your question, hopefully someone else will.
  5. hi when you say drummed do you mean the distressed or the calf leather
    sorry for asking to clarify this
    i had many problems with my distressed leather ramona and after some very difficult time with the local sas managed to exchange it
    jc bags are very resilient and are not supposed to discolour
    i use my calf ramona all the time sun rain you name it and nothing happens
    so without hesitation i would suggest taking back to the boutique and ask them to do something about it

  6. Really? I don't know what you mean by distressed... but its the bumby looking leather. It's not the Biker one.. and calfskin is smooth correct?

    I bought the bag for 30% at the SF store. I called in for the order, so when I went in, I just picked up the bag. There were a few scratches on the metal clasp, but I didn't think much of it. Since it's been a while, would they even care that the coloring is off? I don't want to go in, and have them brush me off by saying something along the lines of me neglecting it.. and not taking care of it. =(
  7. The drummed leather is irregularly pebbled...looks like elephant hide. ;) It is made by shrinking the calfskin. CG - I would go back to Saks with your bag and receipt to ask them what they can do. I've never had a bag color fade. The one and only color issue I have heard of is the white drummed leather yellowed.
  8. Since it came from you.. I will go in this weekend with confidence that I'm not going crazy...Thanks for the suggestions! I will let you guys know what they say. =)
  9. Well, if you know that you didn't set it down in bleach, or rub the bottom off on something rough, it should not change color. Ask them what they can do for you.