Navy Crackled Patent Jumbo

  1. Ok being totally smitten by my Beige (Blush) Jumbo, I freaking adore that bag. I am seriously (really seriously) considering purchasing the Navy. It would be sent to me sight unseen, my questions is, for those of you who have seen it in person, does it look different then a black caviar? Is it a super dark navy or a brighter navy. Your QUICK response would be appreciated.

    I am kind of bummed that the Jumbo prices have gone up to $2250 so I am thinking the Jumbo Patent at $1895 is a bargain! LOL

    LMK what you guys think??
  2. It is gorgeous, and I think different enough from the black caviar to not be repetitive. It is just a nice navy, but looks a little brighter in the sun. Piperlu's photos are spot on. I don't think you'd regret the Navy purchase!
  3. ^ Agree with Tami. Patent Navy is just gorgeous and stunning in real life.
  4. stunning color from the pics here anyway:yes: , i think you should get it!:graucho:
  5. I don't think it is a super dark navy - you can tell its navy not black - its a "blue" navy - there are pics in the ref library I am pretty sure I remember seeing . . .
  6. I love the navy with the silver chains.
  7. It almost looks like a sapphire to me... definitely not a dark navy. Get it, Selena! It's gorgeous. I think it's a great alternative to black and a more unexpected neutral (versus beige, black, brown, etc.).
  8. yea, i think $1895 is such a steal now ! shouldn't the Patent leather be more expensive than the caviar ?
  9. I saw piperlus pictures. OMG! GORGEOUS! Its bought! Now starts the bag ban! LOL

    THanks for your help guys.

    Here is one of Piperlu's:
  10. I have the navy patent jumbo flap, too, but I don't think it is crackled. It isn't crackled like the diamond shine flap I have. But, for what it is worth I absolutely love it and think it is beautiful.
  11. I called Nerphanie to post hers. She has crackled patten navy blue with silver chain.
  12. This is THE prettiest bag EVER! If I had a lifestyle to support it it would be mine too. Congrats Selena!!
  13. Ooooooooo...go get her Selena!!!!! :nuts:
  14. Well apparently my good SA has the reissue version!! Not this one. GRAMMIT> Back to square one! Grrrrr Anyone see this at a Saks??
  15. In person this color is even prettier than the pictures! You will not be disappointed! Can your SA do a search?