Navy Coco Cabas

  1. Help Girls!!!

    I'm in desperate need of your help to locate a navy baby cabas for a friend. Im willing to have it shipped from anywhere. Do any of you girls know of any available? Only from the boutiques or concessions as I dont buy anything from eBay!

    Thanks in advance !!

    S xxx
  2. anyone?
  3. have you called around anywhere yet? you could also go under Chanel Shopping and post..someone might know. All i know is there are LONG waiting lists. Sorry, hope this helps.
  4. Thanks Skinny .. will post new thread in Chanel Shopping.. Yes called around in London and emailed a few SA'S but nada.. :'(
  5. if you ever buy from eBay, buy from personal shoppers. They have alot of Chanel items for sale and boardies here by from them often
    I think they still might have a Navy cabas, but it would be a baby cabas

    Edit: i just checked and no cabas' are listed