Navy chanel flaps....cute or not?

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  1. Just wanted your opinions on this one ladies!! I'm debating whether or not to buy one, and wondered whether any of you have done, and if so, any regrets? I'm thinking navy would be a more casual alternative to the black, and would go well with jeans etc...what are your experiences?

    Also, any pictures you could add would be of a great help!! Thanks guys :smile:
  2. I've always thought navy is quite 'safe' colour in a sense that it is easy to match. So yes, navy flaps are cute! =)
  3. [​IMG]
    That's the navy distressed lambskin flap out right now. It's gorgeous! $2,650.

    I love navy because it's close to being black but with a bit more of an edge. I love it because it's easy to match and neutral, but is still a bit more fun than black.

    My next bag is definitely going to be either navy or gray. :yes: Navy looks really chic with denim.
  4. I love this season's glazed lamb navy!!!! It'll definitely go well with jeans, no worries there. It is more casual than black but you could dress it up too depending on what you wear and how you accessorise. Go for it!!!! Try looking in the ref library to see if there're any modeling pictures as well
  5. [​IMG]

    Had this picture saved on my computer from another thread hehe. Can't remember which TPF'er is in this picture.
  6. if i can find that bag nxt month i will buy it
  7. Wow thanks for all the quick replies (and missisa thanks for the piccies!!). I definitely think I'm going to get one :yes:. Navy is definitely more summery than the black don't we think?
  8. oh i think navy is fab! i wld love to have a navy flap, actually, i navy anything!!!!!
  9. I :heart: navy jumbos! My 2nd chanel is def going to be navy!!
  10. Navy is fun because it's versatile. It's still a neutral color so it's not too flashy, but it's not quite as bland as black can be. Definitely go for it! I'd buy the navy jumbo from this season in a heartbeat, but I have to control myself. Too much spending. :Push:
  11. Omg tell me about it!! I just bought a classic lambskin flap in black last week - I'm addicted!!! And on a student budget that's really not good haha....luckily my birthdays next month!! Out of curiousity, do you go through the whole "well I'll just get this one more and then my collection will be complete" - I try and convince myself this is true every time I get a bag, but i always manage to find another one i want.:lol:
  12. Yes, I love the distressed lambskin navy as well and will def. buy one as soon as I can.
  13. Navy flaps are SO Pretty .Regardless of lambskin or caviar, I love them both very much.
  14. gosh, i am getting the beige caviar jumbo flap today, so should i get the navy instead? anyone see navy caviar jumbo anywhere?
  15. Cute!!!