Navy Chanel Drawstring Bag - Help?

  1. I'm new to purchasing Chanel and everyone here is my best reference since the Chanel Boutique at my local Saks seems to have no SAs at all. At least no one who knows anything at all. If I can pick up something off the shelf I can take it to a counter and purchase it, but it's horrible if I have a question, first I have to find someone and then they have no idea about the product - much less about what's coming out in the future.

    So - I found a beautiful drawstring bag in navy with white stitching, silver hardware. But I wanted to know if anyone knew if it came in black. The price was $1800 and there's no tax here.

    I would take my business somewhere else, but there isn't anywhere else here short of hopping on a plane.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Did you see the navy bag at Chanel or at a department store? Call the boutique/store where you saw the navy and ask for the style number, then call the Chanel 800# and ask them if it was ever available in black.
  3. Thanks, that's a GREAT idea!
    The Navy bag is in the boutique at my local Saks, and if I can't get them to help me over the phone I can walk in and pull the style number off the tag myself.
  4. I think I know what bag you are talking about, I saw one on eBay in Navy about a few months ago. Best of luck.:smile:
  5. I think this bag is from 2006 spring. Is a lambskin bag right? You probably saw the bigger size since the smaller one was like $1475. That bag ddid come in black but I wonder if it's sold out already since this is from past season.
  6. Hmm, now I feel really backwater, since this one just showed up on the shelf here. It makes me wonder if Portland is a clearinghouse for older styles. I'm going to get the style number tomorrow & call Chanel.