Navy Caviar Jumbo, Grey Patent & Lots more goodies! Come see!!!!

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  1. Just received a bunch of pictures from my SA, Lisa Hamlin at NM!

    The 09 Navy Caviar Jumbo is now available. There were only 7 available as of yesterday. Price: $2650

    Grey Patent with Silver HW from Fall 08 also available. The price is $3125.

    Sale RTW: 100% Silk Navy Dress Size 34. It was originally $6765 and now it is $2029

    CALL LISA HAMLIN AT (248) 635-8442!!!!!

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  2. New Chanel Cruise that arrived:

    1. East West Cutout Totebag. Beige/White $2750.
    2. White Jumbo Caviar Classic $2650.
    3. Timeless Classic Lambskin Wallet on Chain. Navy
    (also available in Beige, Pink, Black) $1650
    4. Chic Fabric Large 2.55 Flap Yellow/Green with Aged Gold HW $1925

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  3. One more close up of the details on the dress!

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  4. thx u so mucch J for posting this =)))
  5. Thank you for sharing the pix.
  6. OMG I love that patent gray flap!!!! If only I had an extra $3200 laying around...
    Thanks for the pics!
  7. Thanks for posting - lovely items...oh, and so many navy jumbos.

    Well, I got my navy jumbo (thanks south and gigisunsetblue) so, I am resisting any temptation.:ninja:
  8. Here's another goody!

    Opt-Out Disclaimer[FONT=Default Sans Serif,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] Chanel Pre-Fall 08 Jacket Runway
    Was $5065 and is now $1215.:nuts:
    It is a size 40 and fits like a size 8.
    It has detachable cuffs.


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  9. Wow, awesome price for the jacket. Thanks for sharing!
  10. wow...MUST ..NOT...LOOK...LOL!
  11. hahaha.:P
  12. aaaaaaaaaugh! Lisa sent me a pic of the Grey Patent yesterday and it is killing me not to get it!!! :Push:
  13. I love that jacket! Thanks for posting these jag!
  14. thanks for posting!!
  15. a lot of eye candies!! thanks Jag for posting!