Navy Cabas Photos....

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  1. I tried to get some more accurate pictures of this color. I took some against the black box that the bag came in, so that you can see the comparison between the navy and the black. Also, I used a flash with light in the last photo, so it is a bit brighter. Enjoy! :flowers:
    Navy 1.JPG Navy 2.JPG Navy 3.JPG Navy 4.JPG Navy 5.JPG

  2. The navy cabas is a very nice color. Not too bright, but just right!
  3. tln, i love the navy color!!
  4. Thanks for posting, TLN, I love this bag.
  5. I really like the Navy color.
  6. What a great color! Lucky you!
  7. you got it!! yay! i love it. what a great color. congrats!!!
  8. I really love this! I am thinking so what if I don't have a job - unemployment can help make payments until I get to AZ. Tami, this is a great bag and color! I hope you keep it. :biggrin:
  9. congrats! loving this color!
  10. nice,congrats.
  11. I really like this bag in the navy!! Great choice.
  12. I love it in navy! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. Awesome.
  14. i guess this proves just how new to this whole designer craze i am...but omg, i've never seen that style, and it is GORGEOUS!!
  15. Thanks for posting.. the color is really nice.. not too bright
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