Navy Cabas Owners - How are you liking your bag?

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  1. What color clothing are you wearing it with??

    I am *still* waiting for my khaki Cabas to arrive at Nordstrom Seattle; it's the last piece and I am guaranteed the bag. In the meantime, I might want to "audition" a navy if I can find one, but am curious if members who purchased it still have it and love it.
  2. I have the vinyl so I figured I wasn't even going to waitlist any other cabas. But I'll be honest I think all of them are so pretty, it would be a really difficult decision. I mean if you get both more power to you...:yahoo: .
  3. Roey-I still have mine, and still really like it. The only "obstacle" I have with this one is the medallion. I'm not too fond of the "bling" factor. So, I tuck it inside the bag and I don't even notice it. The navy looks great with jeans, and fits into my office dynamic (business casual) really well. The navy looks good with pretty much every color. You could wear it with blacks, browns, greys, jewel tones, bright colors, and pastels. It is the kind of bag that you could carry for a week straight without having to worry about changing it out. My wardrobe consists of many different colors, and it doesn't clash with anything. Because the color ranges from midnight blue to black, I think the navy is very versatile.

    You know, more than that, it is just a really nice bag. I like the fact that it is not overly deep, so that you are not digging around in it for things. There are pockets inside to tuck things in. The details on the outside make it special, but it is functional too. I can wear this to work, I can wear it running around town, and I would take this bag on vacation with me. I don't carry it every day, as I am using my cloudy bundle tote quite a lot lately, but I think the baby cabas will be my main bag this spring and summer. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. I think khaki is much nicer than navy!
  5. i actually like both. i have the khaki cabas, but if i saw the navy (my boutique didn't have one for me to see at the trunk show), i would have second thoughts. instead i got the large ritz & a small handheld purse in the same navy leather b/c i just love the color!