Navy Cabas is available

  1. My SA just called from Neimans and said the navy coco cabas is now available through the catalog just incase anyone is looking.
  2. Yes please which Neimans?? is the navy same as the teal?
  3. You can go online and call the catalog number on the website. One of the operators should be able to assist you because you need the style number to order it.

    No, navy is darker than teal. They are two different bags. Why don't you do a search for both because there photos available, or look in the Reference Library.
  4. As roey said, call the catalog number b/c it is not in a store.
  5. My SA called too. You can call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 and she will get it for you. It is $1795
  6. Wahhh!! Where is my teal??
  7. ^LOL! Poor Rockerchic!Im about to get my third cabas......Im SICK!
  8. ^^You are evil!!
    what is your next color? Don't you want to return your teal so that some poor person with one baby cabas might be able to have two?;)
  9. GAH, I love the navy color!!!
  10. BL- it's just waiting for you!!! Go get it girl!
  11. Cabas is soooo famous. Just wonder how long this bag style will last? Will it be out dated soon?
  12. ^^^It is so hot on, and as long as you love it, who cares! Just enjoy!
  13. I want to so badly, but hubby won't leave the house! LOL! I'm hoping tomorrow morning, I'll have good luck in calling her!
  14. I want a teal one....anyone have any idea where to find one? PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE ?

  15. omg...too funny. Thought I was the only one who waits for husband to leave to make those naughty handbag calls! :roflmfao: Then once i have the bag... I'll wait a week before wearing it...'what..this ol thing?":sweatdrop: