navy blue vs. cobalt blue

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  1. ok, ladies. i need your thoughts on this one. i love both colors equally. i also think both colors would be suitable for my wardrobe.

    i see navy as being a classic neutral and cobalt blue as being a bright, modern neutral.

    how would you decide b/w the two?
  2. I would go for the cobalt. I think it's more exciting and appealing than the navy. I feel like navy is a bit more common. If both fit into your wardrobe then I guess you need to decide which one is more striking to you. Good luck!-
  3. Cobalt all day everyday!!!! Bright colors are happy colors!!!!
  4. No question - cobalt. And Chanel does cobalt so very well! Share a reveal!
  5. Cobalt. Im a very neutral gal but since I have the 16 cruise blue, I use it a lot more than beige & blk. Guess, I just discover the excitement the pop color brings to life. You should go for Cobalt first, maybe navy is next ;)
  6. Love, love the cobalt!
  7. Cobalt, my friend just got a cobalt mini and it is absolutely stunning!!!
  8. Cobalt all the way!
  9. Hands down Cobalt that is if you already have other neutrals. Good luck deciding
  10. No doubt, cobalt blue!!! Hands down...
  11. Cobalt!
  12. I would go to the store and try both on and see which I love more
  13. Cobalt
  14. Okay, I am solo here but I say navy. I am a classic bag girl though so for an investment piece like a Chanel, I would go with classic navy
  15. Navy