Navy blue spy

  1. Oh I'm so torn. I thought I was decided on a Prada satchel for this year's bag purchase but now I've come across the navy spy on net-a-porter.
    What do you all think - is it a classic bag that warrants spending over £1k? Am I going to still love it in a year or so??
    I do wear a lot of red & white in the summer so it would work well but what about the winter?
    I'd love to hear what those of you who already own this bag (in any colour) think.
    Help put me out of my misery....
  2. You cannot go wrong with this bag or colour its stunning.
  3. I just saw someone selling it on eBay and I loved it...
  4. I have a brown one and I love it! It's definitely worth the money. The navy blue one is gorgeous and I think it's not a very bright color so should work well in the winter too.

    Go for it!!!
  5. Hi Saich - do you think the net-a-porter price is good value - £1,100? I've been checking out the threads and you seem to be the spy guru!
    I'm in the south west so I guess NAP is my best bet?
  6. I think every big retailer is going to have the same price. I don't even know of any discount places that have the blueberry at this time, and I really doubt it will go on sale ever.
  7. Yes they are the same price everywhere, you do not seem to get different prices in the UK for spys. I would go for it. Selfridges also do it and post anywhere, do not know if they have any at the moment also Harvey Nicks in Edinburgh
  8. This color will looks great with jeans!
  9. Go for it sarajane! I have this bag and the colour is beautiful, you won't regret it!
  10. It's a gorgeous will love it!!!
  11. I think the color looks GOOD on the spy.
  12. ooh hope you get it, its a gorgeous bag :smile:
  13. Sarajane,before purchasing,you have to know something awfull...the life before and after the spy isn't the same:SPY is HIGHLY addicting,be carefull!!!LOL
    You can't be(go?Sorry I'm french) wrong with a Spy,it's an iconic bag,and now I've got one,I know why:this leather is incredible!Can't stop thinking of the next one!!!
    Hope to see your navy soon on the forum!
  14. Go for it, super year round investment, you'll love it forever
  15. Hi anilouann - I'm heading over to France on Thursday and I'm thinking about looking for a Spy while I'm in Nice. I am definitely going to buy a Prada e/w satchel which I have fallen in love with but I think I may go totally mad and get a Spy as well.
    Where in France are you? Your English is fab by the way.