navy blue jumbo ghw

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  1. hi, have been a silent reader for some time already and finally decided to post because I have a nagging question that's been on my mind for awhile.

    Is the navy blue jumbo in caviar with GHW a rare find?? Shall i just settle with a SHW or hold on till i find the GHW? I have a black GHW but i kinda like the look of a navy blue w/GHW..
  2. I know the navy w/ghw is not available in stores anymore. You'd have to search other venues like ebay, bonanzle or online consignment stores. Not sure about the navy with silver hardware.
    i can say the navy with gold is a gorgeous bag! Good luck!
  3. I would say its considered a rare find....I have come across navy ghw once and the bag sold very fast! I agree that navy ghw is gorgeous!