Navy blue camellia platforms

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  1. Bought this a few weeks back when my SA told me it just arrived at the shop, they are suprisingly comfortable!
  2. awww!!-- GORGEOUS!!! mind telling us how much they are? Where did you get 'em?
  3. they're so pretty!! they do come in black and white if i recall correctly?
  4. I saw these in my local boutique, loved them, but they didn't seem much comfortable! Glad you feel comfortable wearing them!

    Lovely shoes!
  5. oh, it's soooooo gorgeous :woohoo: but wonder whether it's that comfortable :graucho:
  6. very very pretty! congrats!
  7. Pretty! Does anyone know how much they are?
  8. ^ i think it's either $875 or $895.
  9. it's so lovely....COngrats!

    Pls post modeling pics~
  10. Soooooooo pretty! I love platforms besides flats!!!

    Congrats! Modeling pics plse!
  11. It's gorgeous!! CONGRATS*
  12. oooh, modeling pics please??? we don;t have a chanel boutique here so i have to buy sight unseen alot and it really ehlps to see them on! PLEASE PLEASE!!! are they comfy?
  13. they're gorgeous ~ congratulations!
  14. they are so cute! congrats!
  15. They are so pretty. I love them. Congrats!!!
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