navy blue and black

  1. I know that wearing something navy blue with something black is a big fashion no-no. Here's my question:

    My husband bought me a navy blue Coach purse with matching wallet for Christmas. I wear black dress pants, black shoes, and my winter coat is black (on a daily basis to work). Is it bad to have your purse be navy blue, or does this rule only apply to clothing and not accessories?

    I really feel bad asking him to return it for something else, but I don't want to look bad!
  2. Maybe get a pretty blue scarf to tie it all together? Or a pretty blue brooch(sp) for your coat.
  3. i actually don't think its a huge fashion nono and brown, yes. navy and black? nah. posted a few months back about how it was a trend and posted these pictures of celebs wearing is the link if you are interested!
  4. Thanks for the link! I have been searching online for some advice since Christmas Eve! Granted, I was searching on my phone so it was a little difficult.

    Anyway, I definitely not a fashion make up and purses but not so good with clothes and matching.

    Keep the expert advice coming ladies!
  5. I personally try to avoid dark colors together, but I have read in magazines like InStyle that navy with black, as well as brown with black, are both acceptable now. I like tonij's idea, or perhaps you can look into a second winter coat of a lighter color. Lots of sales going on right now.
  6. Navy bags are really big now it seems. Could you use it just on days where you wear something brown?
  7. I ordered the Botkier Sophie satchel in ink and will be wearing it with black skirts (my staple). I think the 'no navy with black' rule is a little outdated.
  8. i 100% agree. i used to adhere to this rule, but i recently got a navy blue goldenbleu jordan satchel that i love too much not to wear it all the time. i mostly wear black pants, black coat, black shoes to work....but i still carry my navy bag!
  9. MEH, I mix navy and black all the time. Yesterday I was wearing black skinny jeans with a shrunken navy peacoat, black and white scarf, and gray bag.
  10. Personally, I think all these "color rules" are all outdated.

    Wear what you think looks good and makes you feel good.
  11. I didn't even know that these colour rules existed especially for navy and black and brown and black.
  12. I typically like Navy and black together. I think that black goes with everything - LOL! Wear your navy purse with your black clothes and I am sure that you will look great!
  13. Okay what do you think about these to soften the black and bring blue into the equation.
  14. I personally like the look of navy and black together. It's very updated and fresh.
  15. I love the one on the left - it's exactly what I would get! Whose is it?