Navy biker jacket -useful or not? Comptoir des cottonieres sale

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  1. Hi, I have on hold a navy biker jacket from Comptoir. I am linking it below in the red color. It is half price, as are many things at Comptoir right now.

    I originally had wanted the jacket in red (as it is pictured in the link). They don't have my size in red , but they do have a navy. It is exquisite but I'm trying not to buy things I don't need. I don't have much of a feel for Navy..this could be a good or a bad thing, depending.

    What do you think? Is it useful? FYI there are quite a few reds left in L and XL. $270 usd

  2. I couldn't see the pic, but I have this one:


    It's brighter than a true navy. It goes great with jeans, but it commands a lot of attention, probably because of the style. It was hard for me to find a bag that works well with it.

    I tend to wear my black, brown, and oxblood leather jackets more. I do love this jacket, but I consider it a statement piece, so I am shy about wearing it.

    If you are considering red, then a bright navy could also command a lot of attention. You should get the color you can relate to best. I would prefer black or gray over a true navy (for versatility), and this brighter navy over red for me, but red is not my best color. (Blue is. ;) )
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    Thanks. The red really caught my eye. Ironically, on me the brighter a color gets, the more I can relate to it as a neutral, if that makes any sense. I wear the heck out of pinks and oranges, even yellow. What i really wish it was, is TAN.

    The Comptoir jacket happens to be super flattering fit-wise for me; not all moto jackets are. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. I prefer the red one but I love Navy, I think it's a very elegant and classy colour..
    Only trouble is you wanted a red or tan jacket at the beginning.
    Of course the price is tempting.
    Ask yourself two questions:
    Do I need it?
    Would I have paid full price for the Navy?
  5. I wonder how this would look layered over the colors you mentioned you love.....It almost looks pewter in the pics and it could be really interesting. I thought it was pretty.

    There are lots of moto jackets on sale right now, maybe you could find another red one.
  6. I don't have a navy moto but I'd love one (I probably have most other colours).

  7. Oh, the link came up. I would hold out for the red. The red is somewhat neutral, like my oxblood leather jacket.

    I'd opt for black over that navy.
  8. I've been looking at that jacket all season. To my surprise, I liked the navy the best of the 3 colors in person. Each time I've been in the store others agreed with me. For some reason, the black, which would be more versatile for me, didn't look as special.

    I held off because I wasn't sure how much I would wear it, as I didn't like the navy with jeans, but it is a beautiful jacket.
  9. the navy is great - love it
  10. I bought a lavender leather jacket a few months ago even though it goes with nothing I own (I already have too many leathers in black, brown, tan, etc). Well, it has become a statement item I now wear with everything - if it goes or not. I say go for the navy and enjoy it!
  11. I have a red moto jacket (love it), and I've been on the look out for two years for a navy moto. I know it would be the perfect final moto for my wardrobe; I'm constantly wishing I had one to go with this or that. Navy will be a lot more useful than one might think.