Navy baby Coco Cabas wanted BADLY...

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  1. PLEASE HELP....I am looking to get a navy coco cabas from any major dept store or Chanel boutique... Has anyone seen one recently, maybe a hint of where to start calling.... I am watching a couple on ebay, but they are so high above retail.
  2. Check NM San Diego. Look for Mariele who helped me get my Khaki. She was unpacking a navy a few days ago and might still have it. Good luck!:smile:
  3. Did you find one kittens? I am thinking about tracking a navy down too.
  4. me toooo i want a coco cabas so badly, would settle for any color, even Porpoise Poo Plum

    but, navy would delight me!
    gonna call the San Diego NM SA NOW!!!
  5. No, I haven't gotten one yet, but I am settling another yet still beautiful color. I am at the top of a wait list, and wating....:sad: